EastEnders fans predict Emma's sinister plan to manipulate Lola after tragic diagnosis update



Lola Pearce and Jay Brown are going through a difficult time in EastEnders as they navigate the mum-of-one's terminal diagnosis but Lola's long lost mum Emma Harding is quickly proving herself to be a problem.

In Thursday's instalment of the BBC soap, Jay ( Jamie Borthwick ) was stopped from seeing Lola (Danielle Harold) by Emma ( Patsy Kensit ) after the overprotective mother accused the undertaker of cheating on his wife.

It's clear to anyone that knows Jay that he is head-over-heels in love with Lola but Emma refused to hear him out and almost stopped him from missing out on an important doctor's appointment.

EastEnders fans have increasingly grown suspicious of Emma as she meddles in Lola and Jay's marriage, with some viewers suspecting she is hiding her true motives from her long lost daughter.

Emma tried to drive a wedge between Lola and Jay
Emma tried to drive a wedge between Lola and Jay ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

One tweeted: "We all know Emma fabricated the cheating story to stir the shit. I'm just confused as to why though. Whats Emma's angle? #EastEnders Lola."

"@bbceastenders I feel Emma is doing all this deliberately just to get Lola all to herself. Maybe she wants to be the only person that Lola depends on. #eastenders," another suggested while a third said: "@bbceastenders why do I feel Lola’s mum is up to something #Eastenders."

"Don't believe any of Emma's sob story? I think she's the one who abuses people not the other way around #EastEnders," a third added.

Another quipped: "Yes you are stirring the pot emma #eastenders."

Lola has been told the chemotherapy may not be working
Lola has been told the chemotherapy may not be working ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Emma subsequently apologised to Jay when he made up with Lola but it's clear the terminally ill mum listens to the suspicious character.

Will she drive a wedge between the couple during their toughest hour?

Meanwhile, Patsy Kensit addressed Emma's behaviour during an appearance on The One Show on Wednesday.

She said: "We're finding out that Emma is quite controlling and a bit of a trouble maker. She wants to come between Lola and Jay and cause trouble. She sees something that she doesn't quite like looking at and she makes it bigger than it is and she drives a wedge between them and it all unfolds."

"When we saw her before she was quite broken from her past and finding her daughter again but now she's back she's feisty and I've got to play some great scenes," she continued.

EastEnders airs on BBC One from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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