EastEnders viewers in tears as Whitney and Zack say lose baby in harrowing scenes



EastEnders viewers were emotional after witnessing the harrowing scenes of Whitney and Zack losing their baby.

In Friday evening's episode, Whitney gave birth to her baby girl, having undergone a termination to activate early labour.

Whitney, who is played by Shona McGarty, and Zack, who is played James Farrar, recently found out their unborn daughter had Edwards' syndrome. Most babies with the condition will die before or shortly after they are born, according to the NHS.

After receiving the devastating news this week, Whitney made the heartbreaking decision to have a termination, after Zack told Whitney there was "no right choice".

In heartbreaking scenes which aired tonight, Whitney was screaming in pain after taking medication to begin the termination.

Zack and a nurse supported her as she went through the heartbreaking process.

Following the tragic birth, Whitney was in tears as she begged to hold her baby.

Whitney and Zack went through a heartbreaking time this episode ( BBC)

The baby was wrapped in a peach-coloured blanket before she was given to the couple to hold, after nicknaming their tot Peach.

Whitney was heard saying: "Thank you for making me a mummy."

Viewers were heartbroken watching the scenes unfold and took to social media to share their tears.

"Whitney and Zack scenes are incredibly moving with baby Peach," one user posted.

Another added: "Not often I cry at stuff on the soaps these days, but the Whitney and Zack abortion storyline has been handled so delicately and with such great respect."

One upset user posted: "Those scenes between Whitney and Zack broke me tonight.

EastEnders viewers were in tears watching the episode ( BBC)

"Shona McGarty and James Farrar have handled this storyline so brilliantly and sensitively. Beautiful performances. Utterly heartbreaking to watch."

Another added: "The actors who play Whitney and Zack have done an incredible job with this storyline, so raw and heartbreaking,' wrote another viewer."

When Whitney received the diagnosis, actress Shona McGarty explained how it was her character's "worst nightmare".

"This is Whitney's worst nightmare. She's been doing a lot of research online and they always say you shouldn't search stuff, but obviously, Whitney just can't help it. I'm sure we could all put ourselves in that position and we'd probably do the same," she said.

If you have been affected by this story, advice and support can be found at Sands. You can call them on 0808 164 3332 or email helpline@sands.org.uk.

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