Emmerdale death fears as Alex's true motive is 'exposed' amid Naomi romance



Emmerdale fans have rumbled that Naomi could die in a shock twist - as she discovers Alex's true motive.

Alex arrived in the Dales as the ex of Dawn Taylor, and immediately set to work in involving her in his crimes. Dawn felt forced to get involved with his drug dealing, with him even threatening their child over the things that had happened in the past.

However, Alex is back now - following a stint in prison - and it seems like his focus is all on Naomi. He has been getting closer to her, with Naomi even inviting him to have dinner with Charles and Manpreet, much to the vicar's horror.

Naomi could be in danger
Naomi could be in danger ( ITV)

He is seemingly just after a romance with Naomi - but fans are convinced there is more to his return to the Dales, and why he's decided to focus on Naomi too. Some viewers are now concerned he might end up killing someone - with Naomi his ultimate target.

"I say let Alex see Naomi and if he kills her let what he did to Dawn be all forgotten #Emmerdale," one wrote, as another penned: "Charles should just let Naomi get on with it. Alex isn't to be trusted but Naomi will find out the hard way. #Emmerdale.

A third shared: "#Emmerdale with any luck this scumbag Alex will bump off Naomi then a few others," with a fourth sharing on Twitter: "I hope Naomi f**** off soon. Maybe Alex could kill her so there's no way she can come back!! #Emmerdale."

Alex is back but what is his true motive?
Alex is back but what is his true motive? ( ITV)

However, some fans are convinced Alex is targeting the family in a bid to get access to drugs from local GP Manpreet.

"Alex is up to something don't trust him," one viewer mused on Twitter, whilst another gave their verdict on a possible upcoming storyline, adding: "So how long till Alex nicks a prescription pad from the doctors then …….#emmerdale."

A third shared their own opinion with other viewers, adding: "Alex drug dealer/ addict. Manpreet local GP access to pharmaceuticals. You don’t need to be Einstein to join the dots and see where this one’s going. #Emmerdale."

But if the fans are right and this is Alex's true motive, will Naomi discover something she shouldn't that will end up putting her own life at risk - or will she turn her back on Charles and Manpreet and get sucked into his villainous ways?

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