Emmerdale fans work out Caleb Milligan's true identity as he hides secret job from Cain



Caleb Milligan has been acting very suspiciously ever since he first arrived in Emmerdale but ITV viewers have worked out his true identity as he continues to cosy up to his neighbours.

Fans have been desperate to know who Caleb (William Ash) is out to destroy after he arrived and claimed to be Cain Dingle's ( Jeff Hordley ) long lost brother.

The new arrival and businessman has been finding ways to embed himself into village life with viewers becoming increasingly suspicious of his eagerness to dish out advice to his neighbours.

Ever since Caleb arrived in the village, Emmerdale fans have been theorising the possible reasons for his appearance and potential revenge plots against his brother Cain.

Emmerdale fans have been trying to work out Caleb's true identity
Emmerdale fans have been trying to work out Caleb's true identity ( ITV)

The half-brothers stopped talking years ago when Cain took the rap after Caleb stole a car as a young man, provided he stayed away from him and his family.

In Tuesday's instalment, Caleb's insistence on giving advice to Leyla Harding ( Roxy Shahidi ) has led fans to suspect he could have a more sinister motive for wanting to get to know his neighbours.

One viewer tweeted: "Detective dingle (caleb) is always on the case #emmerdale," while another fan shared: "Is Caleb an undercover police officer? #Emmerdale #Caleb."

A third agreed: "#Emmerdale Detective Inspector Caleb to the rescue!"

Caleb has been trying to convince Kim to work with him
Caleb has been trying to convince Kim to work with him

Meanwhile, it looks like there could be a new romance on the cards between Caleb and Leyla.

In Tuesday's instalment, sparks appeared to fly between the pair as Caleb stepped in to offer Leyla some advice and fans are convinced this is the start of a new romance.

One tweeted: "Caleb and Leyla just makes a lot of sense. #emmerdale," and another agreed: "Caleb and Leyla?! Hmmm interesting #emmerdale."

Emmerdale star Roxy has hinted there's a "spark" between the pair which Leyla may find difficult to ignore.

"He has got words of advice. On their first meeting he shares some words of Caleb wisdom with her, which he’s really reflecting on his own life but she takes to heart and it drives her to make yet another impulsive decision that she thinks is the only thing she can do to kind of take control or potentially get rid of him," actress Roxy said.

"I think there’s a spark for Leyla with any potential suitor ever."

Got any theories or thoughts on the storyline? Let us know in the comments section below.

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