Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Mackenzie Boyd’s dark plan after Chloe Harris’ rejection



Letting out a big sign and rolling her eyes, Chloe responded: “Well I feel the baby move all the time and it has not changed the way I feel about you.”

Mackenzie laughed at the comment and pleaded: “In spite of what I have said in the past, I actually do care about this pregnancy.

“I am sorry Chloe, but it is my baby too,” but the comment left Chloe angered and she snapped back: “No, don’t pull that card on me now, it is far too late for that.”

Confused by the comment, Mackenzie asked: “I don’t get why you’re being like this? I am just concerned for you and the baby.”

Chloe was adamant to make her feelings clear and reiterated: “I don’t want your concern. You weren’t too pleased when I came back from Scotland and you were desperate for me to go back.”

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