Emmerdale Nicky's link to past character 'exposed' as soap drops cryptic clue



Emmerdale has seemingly aired a cryptic clue to the identity of Nicky - and his link to a past character.

During Tuesday's episode on the ITV soap, Kim Tate discussed what her, Gabby and Dawn should do about Nicky now that his probation has ended. Not knowing about Gabby's secret romance with Kim, she asked the pair whether they should keep him on.

Kim and Dawn were keen to keep him on but Gabby was less sure about it, and said Nicky had to use his initiative more, but she was only saying this to throw them off the scent that the pair were closer than ever.

Nicky and Gabby are very close
Nicky and Gabby are very close

Nicky was less than impressed with Gabby's tactics, and feared he could get the sack - but eagle eyed fans have spotted another clue, and why Nicky has been keen to get close with Gabby and stay at Home Farm for a long time to come.

Some viewers are convinced he could be working with Jamie Tate, who faked his own disappearance. Whilst some of the family are none the wiser that he's still out there, others know he's around somewhere but have yet to see him themselves.

One fan mused: "Could Nicky secretly be working with Jamie to somehow get his hands on Thomas potentially? Lure Gabby into a totally false sense of security, letting her guard down against him & all that, especially after he suddenly proposes? #Emmerdale."

"My thoughts on this either Nicky is working with Caleb or Jamie," a second added, as a third took to Twitter to share: "I still think nicky is working for Jamie tate and nicky is Jamie tate's secret lover too."

Who is Nicky - and what's his secret?
Who is Nicky - and what's his secret? ( ITV)

Nicky actor Lewis Cope recently revealed there is another reason Nicky wants to be so close with Gabby.

Speaking about the romance and how it blossoms, Lewis said: "He seems to have a huge interest in Gabby. He's got his reasons why he wants to be with her which will all come out eventually."

On whether his character was hiding something, he went on: "I think Nicky has got a lot going on, and maybe with it being a soap there is more. The fan theories have been great. It has been nice to see how other people view the situation and the character, and just the madness of what people come up with has been fun."

Actress Rosie, who plays Gabby on the ITV soap, added: " The speculation is really funny to look at. I don’t think anyone’s got it bang on at the minute. It’s so great. No one’s actually thinking that this guy is who he says he is. It’s a soap so who knows, but Gabby definitely sees him as this perfect boy who’s come in and could change her life for the better."

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