Emmerdale reveals Alex's dark secret and real reason he's using Naomi in twist



Emmerdale revealed what Alex Moore has been hiding on Thursday night, as it emerged he was in debt and possibly in grave danger.

It was revealed why he and newcomer Clare were trying to carry out a drugs hit on the GP surgery in the village, betraying Alex's girlfriend Naomi Walters in the process.

Viewers learned this week that Alex was up to no good, and his claims of wanting to turn his life around were all an act.

Not only that but they learned he was using Naomi and his romance was a sham, with him actually seeming to be with Clare.

The pair came up with a plan for Alex to get close to Naomi in a bid to target the GP surgery, with Naomi's stepmother Manpreet Sharma working there and therefore having access.

It was made clear this week that Alex was listening out for information on a medication delivery at the surgery, and once he had the date and time he took action.

But his plan fell flat on Thursday night just as he broke in, using Manpreet's keys, and prepared to steal all the drugs he could get his hands on.

Emmerdale revealed what Alex Moore has been hiding on Thursday night
Emmerdale revealed what Alex Moore has been hiding on Thursday night

Manpreet walked in and believed someone was in the building, and after she ran out Alex feared it was too close a call to continue.

Alex fled before he could be caught, meaning he had to leave the drugs behind.

When he met up with Clare later on, they were both panicked as she spilled the truth about why they needed the hit to go ahead - and seemingly why they targeted Naomi.

Clare confirmed they were in serious debt and had to pay someone back, hinting they were in danger if they didn't get the money.

It seems Alex targeted Naomi and Manpreet as part of his plan to steal the medication and then sell it on, in the hope of raising the money to clear his debt.

Clare confirmed they were in serious debt
Clare confirmed they were in serious debt ( ITV)

As Clare asked what they were going to do as they had to pay the money off, he insisted he was going to try again.

Alex was working for someone and dealing drugs last year before he was set up and sent to prison.

It's only recently that he left prison and moved back to the village claiming to be a changed man, while this is clearly not the case.

But could he possibly owe the money lost when his drug deal went wrong last year?

Perhaps he owes someone for a separate incident, but either way it's clear he owes a lot of money and is in danger if he doesn't pay it back.

Alex is actually targeting the village surgery
Alex fled before he could be caught ( ITV)

He isn't the only one, as newcomer Clare was "scared" as she told him they had no choice but to steal the drugs.

Alex told her "it would all be over soon" with him planning to steal the drugs at a later date.

This week Alex fed girlfriend Naomi a lie about Clare being the partner of someone he knew from prison, but maybe there was some truth to the story.

It's not entirely clear who he owes money to or why and whether it is drugs related, but there is a chance he's got on the wrong side of someone linked to Clare.

For both characters to be in debt and in trouble, and desperate to pay someone back, could there be much more to the story?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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