Emmerdale romance in store for Caleb ahead of twist after DNA link 'exposed'



Emmerdale bosses have teased there could be romance in store for Caleb and Leyla - ahead of a big reveal.

Fans of the ITV soap have been desperate to know who Caleb is after he arrived in the Dales and claimed he was Cain's long lost brother. He and Cain fell out years gone by when he took the rap for him after he stole a car as a young man.

Now Caleb is very successful with his horse breeding business, something which he's trying to get Kim Tate get involved with, whilst Cain's life has been quite different throughout the years.

Could Leyla and Caleb spark up a romance?
Could Leyla and Caleb spark up a romance? ( ITV)

Now, it looks like a village romance could be on the cards for Caleb and Leyla, as she seeks his support.

"He has got words of advice. On their first meeting he shares some words of Caleb wisdom with her, which he’s really reflecting on his own life but she takes to heart and it drives her to make yet another impulsive decision that she thinks is the only thing she can do to kind of take control or potentially get rid of him," actress Roxy Shahidi said.

"I think there’s a spark for Leyla with any potential suitor ever."

It comes after fans rumbled a DNA twist between Caleb and another person in the village, with some viewers convinced that he could be related to Alex, and is taking revenge on Kim and Will for what happened to Alex before.

Caleb's identity is still very much a mystery.
Caleb's identity is still very much a mystery ( ITV)

As Alex - who has a child with Dawn Taylor - returned to the Dales, fans were left convinced he and Caleb are relatives and that Caleb is keen to see the demise of Kim after she and Will beat Alex up and got him locked up.

One fan suggested: "I think Caleb and Alex are brothers, and that's why he wants revenge on Kim and Will for holding Alex hostage #emmerdale," as another penned on social media: "Alex looks similar to Caleb #emmerdale."

Show boss Jane Hudson previously confirmed Caleb was hiding a secret - but refused to reveal what it actually is.

"I can tell you he’s not an undercover cop. There is a secret about Caleb and viewers have not yet guessed it. I've been reading all the theories about who he is like not that one, not that one," she said earlier this year.

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