Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Deadly attack, reckless decision and kidnap horror



Emmerdale viewers can expect three big events next week, as the ITV soap airs plenty of danger and peril for some residents.

One teenager finds herself in danger as she risks her own life with a reckless decision, ahead of a health diagnosis.

Elsewhere, and one character looks set to regret taking on a village villain as it results in a chilling threat, before she is kidnapped.

This comes shortly after the same villain sparks fear in the village, when he attacks a female resident and leaves her for dead.

Here's a look at next week on the ITV soap, and what key storylines to look out for...

Bound and gagged, Leyla is terrified as a threatening Callum takes his revenge
Emmerdale airs dramatic scenes next week on the ITV soap ( ITV)

Character left for dead as another in grave danger

Emmerdale airs dramatic scenes next week on the ITV soap, which could end in tragedy.

One character finds themselves being kidnapped and held against their will, when a villain makes his return.

The same villain will leave a second character for dead in a brutal attack, and residents in the village soon grow concerned.

Next week, Leyla shares her concerns for her son's safety after provoking her former drug dealer, Callum, so Jacob is tracked down, and moved to his grandfather's house.

Emmerdale spoilers reveal two lives could be on the line next week
One character is left for dead ( ITV)

Jacob was stabbed by Callum recently, while Leyla set up Callum and hd him arrested prior to next week's scenes.

It seems the arrest hasn't stopped Callum as he is out and about, so Suzy plans to bring him down for good.

Callum doesn't take too kindly to this though, as she sets him up as being a grass to some very bad people, and he attacks Suzy with a brick.

Leyla herself begins receiving threatening messages from the culprit, and soon things escalate and Leyla ends up being kidnapped.

Cathy's out of control

Emmerdale's Cathy Hope finds her behaviour growing out of control
Emmerdale's Cathy Hope finds her behaviour growing out of control

Emmerdale's Cathy Hope finds her behaviour growing out of control in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap.

Bosses revealed they would be tackling a soap first with the storyline, and the teen has recently confirmed some worrying symptoms.

New spoilers reveal she worries her loved ones and becomes reckless, even leaving her life in danger.

In scenes next week, the kids are off to a gig but Cathy has no intention of being chaperoned by dad Bob's new partner Wendy.

She soon puts a plan into action and tries to get the other teens to get involved.

But April and the others are soon left concerned by Cathy’s reckless behaviour, as she begins to act out.

Things take a horrifying turn when she ends up leaving her own life in danger - but will she be okay?

Bob realises he has been distracted and that Cathy needs professional help with her possible condition, but can he get through to his daughter?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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