Emmerdale villain Alex's secret lover Clare's true identity revealed in Naomi betrayal



Emmerdale 's Alex Moore has a secret lover who is helping him with his cruel plan, the latest episode of the ITV soap revealed.

He confirmed he was using girlfriend Naomi Walters in a betrayal, as he locked lips with mystery character Clare moments after claiming he was helping her and her young son.

Alex had sparked suspicion after Chas and Belle Dingle caught him outside of the village when he was meant to be at a job interview.

When Naomi confronted him he claimed he was meeting up with Clare and her son, and the money he was seen handing her was to help her out.

He claimed that the young boy's dad was in prison with him, and that when he got out he vowed to help support his friend's child.

Of course this was all a lie, and later in the episode Clare's true identity was exposed as Alex's secret lover.

Emmerdale's Alex Moore has a secret lover who is helping him with his cruel plan
Emmerdale's Alex Moore has a secret lover who is helping him with his cruel plan ( ITV)

After meeting up, the pair kissed before joking about fooling Naomi with their story.

Clare then made it clear she wanted to be with him, with Alex only using Naomi in his plan to target the GP surgery.

Earlier this week he was heard making a cryptic phone call which detailed his plan to push ahead with a drugs hit at the location.

It's likely he has gotten close to Naomi due to her being the stepdaughter of doctor Manpreet Sharma, helping him get inside information about the upcoming medication delivery.

It's later in the week that the true plan is put in motion, and Alex's twisted plot sees him possibly leave a resident in danger.

Clare is secretly with Alex
Clare is secretly with Alex ( ITV)

Making it clear to Clare that he is using Naomi and isn't really with her, it seems Alex will tamper with the building's electrics as they are vandalised.

Doctors Liam and Manpreet have to deal with issues due to the surgery’s closure, as a result of the electrics being vandalised, and Alex seeks his moment knowing the building is empty.

Stealing Manpreet's keys, he lets himself in armed with a crowbar and is ready to locate the drugs.

But Manpreet soon arrives and notices the door is open, unaware Alex is waiting for her in her office with the crowbar raised ready to attack - so will he hurt her to get what he wants?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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