Four in a Bed owner ‘disappointed’ after two guests refuse to stay at hotel



Four in a Bed’s second visit of the week saw the hotel owners travel to Congleton in Cheshire, where best friends Katie and Jess manage The Lion and Swan. The hotel boasts 21 rooms which are priced as high as £165 for the night, which they labelled as “value for money”. However, the Channel 4 competition saw the duo left “disappointed” when two out of three guest groups refused to stay at The Lion and Swan again.

The friends were downcast whilst reading through the feedback left by guests.

While mainly positive and most areas were scored highly, hoteliers Emma and Emily as well as couple Angie and Andrew both declined to stay at the guesthouse again.

As they looked through the feedback, Jess read aloud: “How was breakfast? And we got an eight. Good score.”

“Yeah, good score,” Katie agreed before Jess suggested: “Let’s find out a bit more.”

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Katie continued reading: “Good breakfast but without the ‘wow factor.'”

“We do really pride ourselves on the breakfast that we offer,” Jess pointed out. “You know, we’re really happy with it…”

She quickly added: “I think Angie and Andrew will definitely stay again.”

Before turning to the last page for the answer, she added: “Well, I’m hoping so – fingers crossed.”

Katie soon spotted the answer was no and remarked: “Oh… OK.”

“It’s disappointing,” Jess commented, to which Katie agreed: “Yeah.”

She added: “It may come down to that sleep factor. Two down, one to go – let’s see what the last people have to say.”

Continuing to read, Jess went on: “How clean was The Lion and Swan – eight.”

“Still good,” Katie replied, adding: “Overall high standard, with a few marks/stains on the bedspread. That’s not great to hear that some things were missed…

“How were the facilities? Eight… Overall great first impression, the back of the bath screen was unattractive.

“The bath screen is there for privacy rather than being really attractive. No kettle.”

“We don’t have the kettle in the room, we have the coffee machines which we see as a bit of a luxury in there,” Jess pointed out.

“And you know if guests do ring down and they would like a kettle, we have them on sight and we can provide one.”

Both were delighted that their breakfast had been scored highly by some of the visitors.

“Let’s have a look if they will stay again… no… It’s disappointing to get a couple of nos.

“It’ll be interesting to see how that payment’s reflected on payment day.”

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