Gary Lineker sets record straight on ‘logical’ Danielle split ‘I didn’t want to stop her’



Gary Lineker, 62, married Welsh model Danielle Bux, 43, in 2009 after dating for two years prior. Seven “wonderful” years later, the couple shocked fans by announcing their divorce, with Gary sharing on Twitter that they “remain very close and the greatest of friends”.

The Match of the Day host has now revealed new details about their split, saying that it was a “logical” decision.

Appearing on Gabby Logan’s The Mid-Point podcast, Gary explained that their separation was “purely down to children”.

He said that they had not planned on having any because Danielle already had a daughter, Ella, now 20, and Gary had four older sons.

He shares George, Harry, Tobias and Angus with his first wife, Michelle Cockayne, 57.

He told the Daily Star last year: “I’m happy being single now. It’s nice to be unanswerable in a slightly selfish way and I’m not actively seeking a partner right now.

“I had two wonderful marriages and now I’m single and I’m in a good place, but that might change.

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