Gordon Ramsay dealt fresh blow as ITV axe his show after ONE series amid poor ratings



ITV has axed Next Level Chef after one series in a blow to Gordon Ramsay.

The ITV series, fronted by Gordon, Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington, saw social media cook Jade from Lancashire take home the top prize after a tough series as the chefs competed for the top prize.

Next Level Chef saw 12 aspiring chefs take on the biggest challenge ever, but it is believed the show has been axed ahead of another series due to poor ratings during the first series, which aired recently.

Gordon is said to be "gutted" the series wasn't "given a proper chance".

Jade won Next Level Chef
Jade won Next Level Chef ( ITV)

A source told The Sun: "Gordon is highly competitive and he’s gutted the series wasn’t given a second run. These types of shows always take a while to get going and for viewers to connect, so he thinks it wasn’t really given a proper chance.

"But he accepts TV is a brutal world and sometimes shows just don’t work out."

The Mirror have approached ITV for comment.

After the win, Jade spoke of how "life-changing" the show had been for her.

"It’s been life-changing. Although I absolutely loved cooking before the competition, creating recipes etc. Now it’s just taken it to another level. I found it challenging but I feel like I learnt so much along the way," she said.

Next Level Chef has reportedly been axed after one series
Next Level Chef has reportedly been axed after one series ( ITV)

"At first, I felt it wasn’t real [working with Gordon]. Then after I got over the shock of being in the same room as him, it just felt really comfortable. He was such a supportive figure. He really took on the mentorship role, he was so helpful. I did think it was going to be really scary and daunting but you just get into it and it felt really comfortable."

Speaking about Jade, Gordon said she was everything Next Level Chef personifies.

"Jade is the absolute character that Next Level Chef personifies: humble, focused, earnest. Earnest is something that you don’t see a lot in today’s world, especially in cooking as it’s all flamboyant. Her approach is just so goddamn down to earth," she said.

"There is something quite steely about her focus. She was not focused on winning, not focused on the semi-final, not focused on Top Dish, just, ‘Get me to the next week.’ Then unbeknown to the other contestants, she was just getting stronger, and more confident, the voice started coming out of her. It was just steadying those hands and being a little more selective with the plating, extending that canvas, get out of that home chef mindset now. You’re in with the big boys and girls. There are Michelin-star chefs in here."

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