Harry Styles possibly part of the reason the latest series of Ted Lasso being so 'gloomy'



The return of Ted Lasso for the third and potentially final series was eagerly anticipated as fans looked forward to more good-humoured content from the famous coach on AppleTV+.

But when fans tuned in to see what the chirpy American football-turned-soccer coach had in store this season, they were met with a much gloomier outlook.

The exploits of the usually charming star, played by Jason Sudeikis, have delighted viewers in recent years as he took the reins at fictional London football club AFC Richmond, but many have admitted they've turned off in the third instalment due to the unexpected twist in screenplay.

On social media, one follower slammed the first episode of season three as "dreary", but some are speculating whether the downbeat tone is due to Hollywood star Jason's goings-on off-screen.

Fans noticed the mood change in the hit series
Fans noticed the mood change in the hit series ( Apple TV+)

The actor, 47, is also the writer and executive producer behind the hit series and at the time of filming saw his private life in turmoil as he faced a dispute with his ex, Olivia Wilde.

The actress, 39, quickly hooked up with Harry Styles and soon after filming of Ted Lasso season three began, Jason served custody papers on Olivia while she was on stage in Las Vegas.

Now fans are saying the change in feelings on the new series could be down to the former One Direction star, with some even thinking there was reference to the singer in the first episode.

As Ted has a video call with Henry, who's playing with an Infinity gauntlet seen in the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame movies, the coach asks him where he got the toy.

Harry was dating Jason's ex, Olivia
Harry was dating Jason's ex, Olivia ( Getty Images)

Henry replies that "Jake" gave it to him, adding that Jake is "Mommy's friend".

Ted is left hurt at the confession and some speculated whether the Thanos gauntlet is a reference to Harry, who made his Marvel debut in a post-credit scene of Eternals as Thanos' brother, Starfox.

A source who knows both Jason and Olivia recently told MailOnline : "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the drama in his private life might spill on to the page.

"The whole narrative in the new series speaks to the pain of a marriage breakdown."

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