Jeopardy! fans mock contestants as they fail to answer single category question correctly



On a gameshow like Jeopardy! it helps if you know your stuff - and if you don't, you should prepare for a roasting.

Unfortunately for contestants on a recent stateside episode of the show, the were ridiculed by viewers after failing to answer a single question right in a category.

When they were faced with questions in the "In The Sports" category, the college-aged contestants drew a blank, leaving them to fail with every answer.

The gameshow, hosted by Mayim Bialik, saw Caleb Richmond, a sophomore at Georgetown University, face off against Maggie Brown, a sophomore at the University of West Florida, and Hannah Nekritz, who is a senior at Brandeis University.

In the failed round, the trio had to identify an unconventional sports term which related to an individual sport. Out of the five questions asked, the hopefuls got a round total of zero, leaving host Mayim, 47, and viewers stunned.

Jeopardy contestants struggled to answer a single question in the sports category
Jeopardy contestants struggled to answer a single question in the sports category ( ABC)

As the prize fund went down, the answers continued to fail with fans quickly flocking to social media to mock those in the studio.

The first clue selected, which was for $1,000, read: "Chukker, Gag Bit, Mallet, A Lot Of Money."

Hannah guessed roulette before Caleb offered the answer of "horse racing".

But Mayim said: "No that would be polo".

Host Mayim Bialik had to step in
Host Mayim Bialik had to step in ( ABC)

For the $800 prize, the clue was: "Penalty Killing, Plus-Minus, The Five-Hole, 'The Biscuit' (That’s What Everyone’s Chasing)."

No one buzzed to offer an answer before the time ran out, leaving Mayim to clarify: "That's hockey."

The third $600 clue was: "Eight-count, accidental butt, cutman (for said accidental butt)."

Once again, no one buzzed in leaving Mayim to reveal the answer as boxing.

One contestant joked: 'The internet’s gonna love that.'
One contestant joked: 'The internet’s gonna love that.' ( ABC)

The clue for the $400 prize was: "Best Ball, Casual Water, Closed Face & - The Absolute Worst - Shank.

Caleb guessed: "What is water polo?" - "That's golf," Mayim said.

Caleb later picked the $200 clue as he said he wanted to "get rid" of the category. The final clue read: "Inherited Runners, Appeal Play, Pickoff," and was looking for "baseball" but no one guessed.

One contestant then joked: "The internet’s gonna love that."

Viewers shared their reactions online
Viewers shared their reactions online ( ABC)

And they were right. Under a clip posted by the gameshow's official Twitter account of the efforts from the contestants, viewers shared their reactions.

One said: "They were very easy. Obviously no sports fans in the group".

Another added: "A bit surprising none of them knew golf or baseball."

And a third joked: "Some people watch or play sports, others study to get on jeopardy".

"Oh my! It wasn’t tough at all. In fact, they were incredibly easy. Love watching the nerds that are clueless about sports categories. You should have a separate “Jeopardy Sports” show," another added.

A third asked: "How do you not get baseball? LMAO".

""The Internet's gonna love that." Internet: "You're damn right we're gonna love that."," another added.

But one viewer defended the group as they said: "To be fair, that actually was a tough sports category. I consider myself a decent fan of sports and I only got 3/5".

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