King Charles branded ‘blunt’ by Huw Edwards after Dumfries House chat



Huw Edwards, 61, opened up about his “refreshing” conversations with King Charles when they spent time together at Dumfries House in Cumnock, Scotland.

Divulging on their candid meetings, Huw commended the King’s “sense of humour”.

He said in a new interview: “I’ve met him several times.

“I’ve spent some time with him at his residence, Dumfries House, in Scotland and he has a sense of humour, which is quite captivating.

“I’d never betray the confidence, but he’s quite blunt with his views on things, which I found rather refreshing,” he told Good Housekeeping.

Huw is now preparing to cover King Charles’s Coronation in May.

While Huw has covered plenty of important stories throughout his decades-long career, he admitted that he is nervous about the historic event.

He continued to the outlet: “In a way, I’ve been preparing for years… I’m excited about it, but honestly, I’m a bit nervous, too.

“There’s a huge responsibility to get it right and I’m always terrified of making a mistake.”

Huw’s nerves come after he did fall victim to an on-air blunder during the earlier days of his career.

While he was broadcasting during his first Trooping the Colour in 2003, he mixed up Sandhurst and Sandringham.

Reflecting on the mishap, Huw said: “My military friends couldn’t believe I’d made such an elementary error, but I was nervous and I slipped.”

It comes after Huw insisted that King Charles’s Coronation will be “huge” and “take people by surprise”.

Speaking exclusively to at the Royal Television Society Awards on Tuesday night, Huw said: “I think the Coronation is going to be on a scale which takes people by surprise.

“There’s been lots of talk about scaling it down, there’s been lots of talk about trying to take down the costs and there have been lots of talks about modernising it.

“I think that has given people the rather misleading impression that it’s going to be some kind of scaled-down thing.”

While Huw says he has only seen “broad plans” he is sure the event is “going to be huge”. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress