Linda Nolan ‘frightened’ as she confirms she has brain cancer



Linda Nolan spoke with Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on Monday’s Good Morning Britain after the singer was spotted in a wheelchair at the weekend. Linda explained to the presenters that the cancer had spread to her brain, admitting she was “frightened” about what was to come. She went on to add that she was going to lose her hair when chemotherapy treatment starts.

Linda’s latest setback came following a series of falls but she is hoping a new chemo drug will help her.

“People have been getting in touch asking, ‘What’s wrong?’ and I just want to tell you from me, unfortunately sadly for me, the cancer has spread to my brain,” Linda began.

“I only found out on Monday and it’s obviously very frightening because there is not much help for brain cancer at the moment apart from radiotherapy which I am going to be having.

“But there is a new drug which has been in use for a year for brain cancer, so they’re going to try me on that as a chemo drug with some other treatment.

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