Lorraine gobsmacked by Richard Madeley’s admission as he exclaims ‘I’ll try anything once’



Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial in the US continues this week and Lorraine Kelly and Richard Madeley were joking about the latest comments from courtroom on Good Morning Britain. As they spoke about who will come out victorious, Lorraine stated Gwyneth has already won due to the increased sales on Goop.

Richard began: “I think the Gwyneth Paltrow thing, we’ve been saying through the show this morning, it’s so interesting because the two stories are so opposed, so completely different, one of them must know who is telling the truth and both of them must know who is lying.”

“It’s so bizarre because everyone is saying it doesn’t matter what happens, she has won already,” Lorraine replied.

“Because apparently the Goop, you know she sells those weird candles and things you stick up yourself, apparently sales have gone through the roof.”

Susanna Reid looked visibly horrified by Lorraine’s comments as Richard joked: “Yes the latest is ozone up the bottom isn’t it?”

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The pair were discussing Mammoth meatballs when Richard began joking about growing tusks.

Commenting on the meatball, he stated: “That is mammoth meat.

“That is predominantly extinct meat. What next? Dodo diners, dinosaur dinners?”

Susanna asked: “”What that makes me think, if it is just DNA and it’s cultivated in a lab, is there anything actually animal about it?

“What I mean by that is, could a vegan eat it because it didn’t involve killing animals?”

Richard replied: “”Can you eat a mammoth meatball and remain vegan? It’s fascinating.”

The host went on to joke: “Or would you grow tusks?”

Susanna, who was sat alongside Richard, rolled her eyes before smiling at the camera in exasperation.

Viewers were also unimpressed with @Auntie_Dana tweeting: “So basically it is sheep meat with ingredients including tomato with a very small amount of mammoth DNA which makes in inedible. Absolutely pointless & disgusting. #GMB.”

“I’ve just had to check it’s not April 1st! #GMB,” @CLB1978 posted.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am.

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