Love Island fans offer 'millions' to see Olivia's explosive reaction to Kai & Sanam's win



Love Island fans have offered "millions" to see Olivia Hawkins' explosive reaction to Kai and Sanam's win.

The ring girl and actress was originally partnered up with the teacher, but things soon turned sour during Casa Amor when Maxwell stole her attention and Kai came face to face with Sanam. Things blossomed for them all and soon, they decided to head back to the villa with their new partners for a second chance at romance.

However, the decision didn't sit well with Olivia, and despite bringing someone back with Kai, she said she was hurt by his decision and it made her feel like he didn't really like her anyway.

Kai and Sanam won tonight!
Kai and Sanam won tonight! ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

In one scene, she said that being with Kai brought her into the bottom two constantly, which fans couldn't help put point the irony of out when the teacher took the win today with his Casa Amor bombshell Sanam.

One viewer wrote: "The face Kai pulls to Olivia after she said he’s in the bottom 3 several times and comes out the winner #loveisland," as a second shared: "I’d pay to see Olivia’s reaction to Kai & Sanam winning it #loveisland."

"The best thing about this is when Olivia said “maybe thats why hes been in the bottom 3 times” n then him & Sanam won it #loveisland," a third wrote, with a fourth adding: "Olivia must be burningggggg inside! #loveisland."

Fans are sure Olivia won't be happy...
Fans are sure Olivia won't be happy... ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

A fifth penned: "Can we please appreciate the irony of Olivia swaying from Kai cause he was in the bottom and now he’s won lmao #loveisland," as a sixth added: "I can’t help but be so happy to think of how Olivia is feeling right now #Loveisland."

"Huge congratulations to Kai and Sanam, the turn around Kai has had is amazing! Bet Olivia is fuming right now! #loveisland," another fan penned, whilst one wrote: "Spare a thought for Olivia sat at home like all of us watching Kai & Sanam win the ting #loveisland."

During today's final, host Maya Jama was forced to tell Kai and Sanam off over a dig they made at Olivia.

The pair didn't hide their feelings when Olivia's name was mentioned by Maya as they both pulled awkward faces. Maya was quick to pull the pair up as she said: "Don't do that face!" whilst fans picked up their clear reactions. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress