Love Island fans puzzled over 'missing scenes' as Will calls out Shaq over Jessie



Love Island 2023 viewers were asking what they had missed on Wednesday night, as Will appeared to call out his friend Shaq.

Will was seen telling partner Jessie about ongoing events in the villa, as several Islanders had questioned if Jessie was genuine behind her back.

Admitting some people had surprised him, he revealed he wasn't sure who he could trust before naming Shaq as someone he was now questioning.

Will and Shaq have been really close in the villa, but the thing that baffled fans more was that Shaq hadn't gossiped about Jessie like the others had in scenes aired on the ITV2 dating show.

Other Islanders including Olivia, Ron, Casey and Maxwell had all shared their suspicions about Jessie, with the word "fake" also thrown around the villa.

Love Island 2023 viewers were asking what they had missed on Wednesday night
Love Island 2023 viewers were asking what they had missed on Wednesday night ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

As the villa became divided and stars were rowing amongst each other, Will couldn't hide that he was "fuming" and "livid" about what had been said.

Shaq had pointed out that one of Maxwell's thoughts about Jessie came about during Movie Night - something he had actually flagged at the time.

Maxwell was referring to Jessie screaming out to the boys and getting involved with other peoples' dramas, and he suggested this made him question her.

Shaq Muhammad was left in tears as he fled the villa
Shaq commented about Movie Night ( ITV)

As Will called Maxwell out, Shaq commented that this wasn't exactly something new, as at the time of Movie Night, Shaq and others called out Jessie for getting involved.

For whatever reason Will was offended by this and seemed to think Shaq did not have his back, while there were several other stars talking about Jessie and saying much worse.

When he sat down with Jessie, Will confessed he was questioning who he trusted and he named Shaq, and then the next day Shaq was also questioned by Jessie.

Taking to Twitter, viewers were baffled by this and began questioning if they missed something.

Asking what it was that Shaq had said that made Will so annoyed, enough to question their entire friendship, viewers called the Islander out.

One viewer said: "will really just threw shaq in there like where did that come from," as another tweeted: "Will, that’s lame as hell! Shaq hasn’t said s**t!"

A third said: "Wait Shaq didn’t back Will?! really?!" as a foutth fan wrote; "Why is Will callling out Shaq? What did I miss?"

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