Love Island fans 'work out' show winners after 'biased' final dates reveal all



Love Island fans are convinced they know who's being tipped to win - after a 'biased' final date.

Tonight, viewers were treated to three different dates. Firstly, Ron and Lana headed for a magical breakfast, where they were floating on water as they were treated to a performance from a South African choir. Tom and Samie's date followed, with the duo heading to a private mountainside restaurant in a classic red Ferrari, driven by Tom.

The pair dined in the intricate building, which was decorated with red rose petals as a harpist sat by to serenade them. Shaq and Tanya had a date underneath the stars, greeted by a string quartet as they enjoyed their date surrounded by roses and candles.

Ron and Lana were serenaded by a choir
Ron and Lana were serenaded by a choir ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

However, some fans of the show thought it was obvious who was being tipped to win - as they spotted a clue in the dates.

Speaking about Tom and Samie compared to Ron and Lana, one viewer fumed: "The effort put into this date compared to the last one. I'd be FUMING when I found out #loveisland," as another fan of the show gave their verdict on social media: "Having Tom & Samie’s lavish date straight after Ron & Lana’s monstrous date is almost an oxymoron in itself #LoveIsland." (sic)

Tom and Samie arrived at their date in a Ferrari
Tom and Samie arrived at their date in a Ferrari ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

"The love island producers are incredible when it comes to planning these dates #LoveIsland," a third wrote, whilst a fourth added: "It’s so obvious that the producers want Tom and Samie to win."

A fifth viewer claimed bosses didn't want to "waste time" on Ron and Lana's date, as they penned: "The producers must not think Ron & Lana are compatible and said they ain’t wasting time on their date cos the difference for Samie & Tom is wow #loveisland."

"Tom and Sammie are definitely winning for the simple fact the producers gave them the most expensive date #loveisland," one wrote, as another added: "You can always tell who the producers’ favourites are from the final dates #loveisland."

Tanya and Shaq were surrounded by roses and candles
Tanya and Shaq were surrounded by roses and candles ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

One viewer shared: "WOW so Ron and Lana get standing in a pond yet Tom and Samie get this absolute dream set-up with a lamborghni and a harpist? The producers don’t even need to tell us that they’re tryna force this going one way now it’s obvious." (sic)

Viewers will see Sanam and Kai's final date and Jessie and Will's final date in tomorrow's episode.

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