Love Island fans 'work out' winning couple just days before final as fans turn on star



Love Island fans say the winner of the show has been 'sealed' - just a week before the final.

With it just being a week before Maya Jama returns to South Africa to crown the winner of this year's Winter Love Island, fans are convinced they know who's taking home the top prize after their time in the villa. As the show returned this evening, tensions between Samie and Ron rose as he accused her of telling everyone he was playing a game.

Ron denied he was playing a game and said his comment about the drama was just in jest, but things soon became tense between the group, with the girls stepping in to make Lana breakfast as a way to say sorry.

Samie and Tom were frontrunners
Samie and Tom were frontrunners ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

After the drama, fans are now convinced there is only one clear winner - and that a previous favourite will be next to go.

One wrote: "Dump everyone and crown Sanam and Kai the winners .. I'm tired of this season. #loveisland," as a second added: "at this point just fly Maya Jama out and let her crown Kai and Sanam as the winners.

"I can’t handle a week seeing these people on my screen #LoveIsland."

But a fall out with Ron has divided viewers' opinions
But a fall out with Ron has divided viewers' opinions ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

A third added: "Final should be... Winner. Kai and Sanam Runner up. Ron and Lana And everyone else can just go home... #LoveIsland."

Some viewers were sure Sammie and Tom might win the show but are convinced it won't happen now.

"The way Sammie just fumbled her bag is crazy, she was the winner for a lot of people some days ago and now look #loveisland," one viewer penned, as a second added: "Sammie is just full-on taking her winner crown and flushing it down the toilet lmaoooo."

Fans are sure Kai and Sanam will win
Fans are sure Kai and Sanam will win ( ITV)

A third wrote on social media, as they gave their view: "should I write a thesis on how Samie and Tom went from the projected winners to now possibly not even making the final lol #LoveIsland."

In a tense exchange, Samie told Ron: "You said it, all I’m saying is that's what you said and it can be perceived as weird and everyone in here has an opinion on it," to which he replied: "If they’ve got an opinion, say it to me…

"Please relay your opinion on the fact you don’t think I'm game-playing because I’m not having nine other people thinking I’m game-playing when I’ve got my girlfriend in here and people are talking behind my back." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress