Love Island star Maxwell set to introduce his family and friends to Olivia on first date



Dumped Love Island star Maxwell Samuda is eager for his family and friends to meet his other half, Olivia Hawkins as soon as they arrive back to the UK.

Olivia and Maxwell were dumped from the villa on Wednesday night, but in a shocking twist, the pair then had decided what other couple should get the chop, with four islanders leaving tonight.

After discussions between Maxwell and Olivia, they eventually came to the conclusion that Claudia Fogarty and Keenan Brand should also leave the villa, given that they were in a friendship couple, while all the other islanders had romantic connections.

Following their exit, Maxwell said that it was a bittersweet moment to leave the villa.

Olivia and Maxwell were dumped from the villa ( ITV)

Although he's excited to get started on building a stronger connection with Olivia on the outside, Maxwell is sad to say goodbye to the rest of the islanders - in particular - his closest pals in the villa, Ron and Kai.

Despite his sorrow at leaving his new pals, Maxwell is keen to get his first date in motion with ring girl Olivia.

Speaking to ITV after being dumped, the 23-year-old said: "Olivia and I have talked about is our first date. We had a date in the villa but we’ve been discussing what we might like to do outside and when we can do it.

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Maxwell is excited for his first date outside of the villa with Olivia ( ITV)

"We also want to meet each other's friends and families," he added. "I was thinking maybe a nice little sushi spot and some drinks."

Sharing his feelings after being dumped by viewers in a public vote, Maxwell said: "I have mixed emotions. I’m very happy to be leaving with somebody that I really like and have a strong connection with.

"I’m excited about moving forward with my relationship with Olivia, but at the same time, I'm a little bit disappointed because I’m going to miss being with all the other Islanders."

The lovebirds are excited to start their story on the outside world ( ITV)

And because he'll be watching the Love Island final back in the UK, Maxwell is hoping that Shaq and Tanya will be the ones crowned winners of the series as he watches on.

"I am backing Shaq and Tanya to win. I think the bond and connection they have is just so beautiful and they just have so much fun together. Post Casa, I feel like they have bounced back even stronger.

"We have already been talking about doing double dates on the outside so I am very much backing them to win."

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