Love Island tease return of baby challenge but fans have the same complaint



Love Island fans all have the same complaint after it was confirmed the baby challenge is back.

Every year, the Islanders are tasked with coming together in their couples to look after a baby doll. With just a few Islanders left following Casey and Rosie's exit and the final just days away, it has now been confirmed that the baby challenge is making its return.

Tanya and Shaq, Ron and Lana, Tom and Samie, Will and Jessie and Kai and Sanam will now have to come together to look after a baby doll and test the strength of their relationship even further.

The baby challenge is about to begin!
The baby challenge is about to begin! ( ITV)

As the show ended tonight, it was confirmed during a first look that the babies were back.

However, the return left some fans fuming as they begged for it to be replaced with another challenge like the headlines challenge or the Twitter challenge, where the Islanders would find out what the general public thought of them.

"@LoveIsland respectfully, we all f***ing HATE the baby challenge. Drop it and bring back smoking areas and Twitter challenges because your show is dying… #loveisland," one frustrated viewer wrote.

Fans all had the same complaint.
Fans all had the same complaint. ( ITV)

A second added: "Unpopular opinion but the baby challenge is the most boring episode I skip it every year. They need to get rid of it and replace it with the tweet/headline challenge #loveisland."

"If we thought tonight’s episode was bad the baby episode is coming up #loveisland," a third shared, whilst a fourth gave their opinion, adding: " @LoveIsland baby challenge is so bloody BORING ...the same every single year. #LoveIsland."

It comes after Casey and Rosie departed the villa in shock scenes this evening.

How will it affect the couples?
How will it affect the couples? ( ITV)

Speaking about his time on the show, Casey said: "On one side I’m absolutely gutted but on the other side I’m buzzing and excited for the outside world. I’ve had the best time of my life. It’s been the best experience and I’m leaving with a very special girl."

Whilst Rosie added: "It’s bittersweet to be leaving. The only thing that I would’ve changed is being able to build a stronger connection with Casey inside the Villa for people to see but, we can continue to build that on the outside.

"It’s been an amazing experience, I’ve had the best time and I’m leaving very happy. Casey and I have both said that we’re so excited to meet each other's friends and families. We’ve built such a strong connection in the Villa, so I’m excited to see what happens." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress