Love Island's Maya Jama forced to tell off Kai and Sanam after brutal dig at Olivia



Love Island host Maya Jama was forced to give finalist Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan a telling off during the live finale tonight.

The 28-year-old presenter pulled them up when they took aim at former Islander Olivia Hawkins, after her previous coupling with Kai was mentioned in their final interview.

As Maya looked over teacher Kai and social worker Sanam's journey in the villa – it was impossible to ignore Kai's coupling with Michelle Keegan body double Olivia.

However, the pair didn't hide their feelings when Olivia's name was mentioned by Maya as they both pulled awkward faces.

Maya was quick to pull the pair up as she said: "Don't do that face!"

Maya Jama was forced to give Kai a telling off
Maya Jama was forced to give Kai a telling off ( ITV)

Viewers soon reacted to the dig on Twitter as one wrote: "KAI’S FACE HES SICK OF HEARING THAT NAME HAHAHA #loveisland".

"not maya saying to kai “don’t pull that face” when she said about Olivia," another noticed.

And a third wrote: "Kai's face when maya mentioned olivia #loveisland".

Kai's awkward expression at Olivia being mention was quickly picked up by fans
Kai's awkward expression at Olivia being mention was quickly picked up by fans

And a fourth said: "“you were coupled up with olivia- kai don’t do that face” I LOVE THIS MAN #loveisland".

Shortly after the interview, Maya announced that Sanam and Kai had won the series, leaving Ron and Lana in second place, Tom and Samie in third and Tanya and Shaq in fourth place.

The final aired following the last elimination of the series on Sunday night, as Will and Jessie were dumped.

But before fans officially found out who had gone, a blunder during an advert break saw the dumped couple feature in a clip - revealing their fate. Before the vote off, there was just five couples left in the villa ahead of the final.

Kai and Sanam were crowned series winners
Kai and Sanam were crowned series winners ( ITV)

Kai and Sanam, Will and Jessie and Lana and Ron were up for a possible exit whilst Tanya and Shaq and Samie and Tom were excluded from the public vote.

However, fans fumed when Will and Jessie were shown alongside Casey and Rosie being interviewed on After Sun, before the actual exit was even aired on TV - with fans venting their frustration on social media.

Host Maya had already posted a video on Instagram, which saw Jessie and Will stood in the back for After Sun, but things got worse when they aired a clip of Maya saying she'd be chatting with dumped Islanders Will and Jessie and Casey and Rosie.

Taking to Twitter, angry viewers fumed over the mistake, as one wrote: "Ooh ITV doing one worse than Maya's Instagram as they just revealed to everyone that isn't on social media who got dumped #loveisland."

"Dumped islanders continues to show Casey, Rosie, Will & Jessie … showing who leaves before they even air it #LoveIsland," a second added, whilst a third wrote: "Lmaoooo what a blunder!! They have just revealed that Will and Jessie have been dumped in that aftersun clip #loveIsland."

A fourth added: "WHY ARE THEY TELLING US WHO IS DUMPED ALREADY #loveisland."

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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