Love Island's Tanyel sparks Olivia feud for ‘shady’ villa antics cut from show edit



Love Island star Tanyel Revan stirred up lingering beef with her ITV2 co-stars as the winter series returned for one special episode tonight, just one week after the grand final in South Africa.

New Love Island host Maya Jama was joined live in the studio by superfans Indiyah Polack, Sam Thompson and all 35 of the 2022 Islanders to relive the most dramatic moments from this year's series.

Tanyel singled out Olivia Hawkins and Shaq Mohammad, stirring up rumours of a feud behind the scenes after she accused them of pushing for her to be dumped from the show.

In a dramatic recoupling bombshell Jordan was left to pick last, he had to choose between Ellie and Tanyel and went for the Business Development Executive, meaning Tanyel was booted from the villa in one of the show's most brutal dumpings.

As Tanyel sat in the live studio audience and spoke with former show star Indiyah, she said she had something to get off her chest and called out the Islanders sat nearby for influencing Jordan into dumping her.

Tanyel singled out Olivia Hawkins and Shaq Mohammad
Tanyel singled out Olivia and Shaq ( ITV)

She said: “I just feel like there were a few people in Jordan's ear and I feel like they influenced him and encouraged him to make the decision he made.

"Olivia, Shaq and Tanya - however I feel like on Tanya's behalf she didn't do it to be bad mind, I think she just spoke on what she thought at the time.

"I just feel like I wish things were addressed to me. I feel like it could have been dealt with so much better."

Tanyel Revan stirred up lingering beef
Tanyel stirred up lingering Olivia beef ( ITV)

It comes after Tanyel explained how Kai moved from being in a couple with Tanyel to Olivia and stressed she had been happy for them while in the villa – but had since changed her mind.

Tanyel told Maya: “I wasn't going to be selfish, I just thought I'd rather you be happy. She was a good friend to me at the time, so I thought, do your thing.”

Maya pounced on the phrase ‘at the time’, asking what had changed since, to which Tanyel said she had ‘heard a few things’.

The hair stylist said: “We don't know yet. I need to see it for myself, but I've heard a few things.”

said she had something to get off her chest
Tanyel said she had something to get off her chest ( ITV)

Maya said she had been able to sense tension between the two girls, asking whether the Kai situation had changed their relationship.

“Not on my behalf,” Tanyel said. “I was truly happy for her. I felt like I was really selfless in the situation.

“I wanted her to be happy. She's never had a relationship before. I just wanted her to be happy.”

Tanyel continued: “I didn't care, genuinely, because I knew I wasn't going to try anything with him.

“I was completely fine with him, friendly. It was more problems on her side of things that I didn't even know about. It was more things I was hearing about at the time.”

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