Love Island's Tom fumes at Shaq and Will in heated clash as 'joke' backfires



Love Island 2023 aired yet another tense row in the villa on Thursday night, after a series of clashes between Islanders.

Fresh from Jessie and Olivia's row, which stemmed from her spat with Casey, it was Tom who was left furious in the latest visit to the villa.

Following a dramatic quadruple dumping that saw Olivia, Maxwell, Claudia and Keanan booted out of the villa for good, things got a little tense once more.

Tom hit out at some of his co-stars leaving them shocked, as a joke about him fell flat and left him annoyed.

But viewers backed Tom, after Will and Shaq "went too far" as they teased Tom about "losing" and "never winning anything" despite him clearly getting annoyed following the sports day.

Things came to a head when despite some of the Islanders calling for an end to the mockery, Shaq began taunting Tom once more about being a "sore loser".

Love Island's Tom Clare failed to see the funny side
Love Island's Tom Clare failed to see the funny side ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Calling him out for losing and "crying" given he's a "professional footballer", the boys kept riling him up leading to Tom snapping.

It all went a bit too far, as Tom had enough and shouted: "Why are you on me all the time, it’s done, it was funny the first time, just leave it.”

Turning his attentions to Will initially, Tom said it was "annoying him" and told him to "shut up" and "chill".

Shaq and Will kept winding up Tom
Shaq and Will kept winding up Tom ( ITV)

The boys didn't understand why he was getting "mad", with Tom later telling Samie: "They were doing it too much. I told them to f**k off. Sometimes they don't know when to chill."

As some of the boys feared Tom would snap again, Casey teased they would keep going while Ron said: "Eventually, after a while we are all going to give him a big hug and tell him we’re only playing."

Will began winding Tom and Samie up again later on, and Tom looked more and more annoyed by the ongoing comments about him being a "sore loser".

Some of the boys decided to prank Tom
Some of the boys decided to prank Tom ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Then it was Shaq's turn as he kept making comments about the trophy, and suggesting Tom would never see one before goading him about being a "loser".

Tom began repeating: "Relax now bro, I'm telling you relax now, I won't tell you again," which only encouraged Shaq to keep on.

His partner Tanya ended up asking: "Are you done now?" before taking him away as Tom told him to "f**k off".

Tom declared "enough was enough", with Tanya telling Shaq he needed to clear the air with his co-star.

She said: "You're being petty, stop being petty. You're being naughty babe, that was bad. You just told him he's a grown man, if that was you, you wouldn't like it."

Viewers backed Tom and said the boys went "too far", with one tweeting: "shaq went a bit too far tbh."

Another agreed: "They actually took it too far on Tom. You don’t deliberately wind your friend up to the point he reacts."

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