NCIS’ Kasie Hines struck by health emergency in dark series twist



Kasie Hines (played by Diona Reasonover) has become one of the most beloved elements of CBS’s hit drama after taking over from forensic specialist Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette). Sadly, NCIS fans may have to say goodbye to the lab technician for a while as her health could be taking a turn for the worse when the series returns next month.

The next episode of NCIS, Head Games, could see Kasie tackling a serious health scare.

While Alden Parker (Gary Cole), Tim McGee (Sean Murray) and the rest of the agents take on another intriguing murder case, the forensic scientist could be given some unfortunate news.

A synopsis for the episode reads: “The NCIS team digs deep to investigate a Navy lieutenant who’s accused of trying to murder her husband but has no memory of the attack.

“Also, Kasie navigates a potential medical scare,” it concludes.

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Fans will definitely be thankful for more focus on Kasie next time, as it’s rare she gets to be front and centre of her own major storyline.

Unfortunately, her health scare might also mean this will be the last episode featuring Kasie for a while.

Although the logline doesn’t confirm if Kasie is the one who’s sick, the worst-case scenario for the episode would be the scientist attending a doctor’s appointment and receiving some devastating news.

Alternatively, the episode could introduce a member of her family – who has so far remained unnamed – who falls ill.

There’s also her ex-girlfriend Piper (Tess Aubert), though she has rarely been seen or mentioned since their break-up.

If the next episode takes a dark turn, Kasie may be out of action for much of the new season and the next while she recovers from what’s ailing her.

Furthermore, this could even be the beginning of the end of Reasonover’s time on the show if the writers are heading in an even more tragic direction.

She could ultimately discover her illness is terminal, and could be forced to take early retirement or even pass away over the coming weeks.

While nothing has been confirmed about the actress’ exit from the series, NCIS certainly isn’t afraid of removing characters with sudden twists midway through the season.

CBS is also rapidly moving towards the season 20 finale, which could cap off the current run of episodes with an earth-shattering revelation.

Thankfully, this course of action seems unlikely, as there are currently no plans or rumours of Kasie being axed from the show.

For now, however, details are being kept under wraps as there’s currently no teaser for the upcoming episode.

Plus, fans will have to sit tight for some time to find out more, as NCIS won’t be airing a new episode until Monday, April 10.

Whatever the case, Kasie has constantly proven she’s strong enough to handle whatever life throws her way.

Moreover, her teammates, including close friend Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), will undoubtedly have her back if she does have to make an upsetting announcement down the line.

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