Newswatch host Samira Ahmed defends iconic BBC set as viewers question its necessity



Newswatch gives BBC viewers a chance to have their say on any of its segments as well as on the network itself. Since its launch in 1983, the BBC has been instantly recognisable because of its iconic big red sofa, which presenters and their guests sit on throughout its news programmes. While the piece of furniture is a central feature of BBC programming, this morning Samira Ahmed had to address fans’ questions regarding why it was still needed.

Newswatch host Samira explained that viewers are always welcome to share their thoughts on the show, leading to queries about the show’s sofa.

She began: “You’ve already been letting us know your views on our news studio as invited and here are a couple of comments about, well, this sofa.”

Reading out the tweet from John Telfer, Samira said: “‘We are all living through very hard economic times but do the BBC really expect us to believe that they only have one sofa…

“‘Used by the team on BBC Breakfast in the mornings and Newswatch in the evenings?'”

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In January, Jon tweeted that he made it his mission to find the red leather sofa that was used when the BBC first started.

Presenters at the time reportedly said it had an “embarrassing squeak” whenever they moved in their seats when the show made its debut on January 17, 1983.

He revealed on its anniversary alongside co-host Sally Nugent, that he was successful in finding part of the sofa.

Surprisingly, a section of it was sitting in former presenter Debbie Greenwood’s home. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress