Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne clash over Hugh Grant's awkward Oscars interview



Piers Morgan ripped into Hugh Grant's movie roles after his awkward interview at the Academy Awards.

Hugh angered fans after appearing bored during a chat with Ashley Graham at the 95th Academy Awards as he proceeded to give short and "rude" responses to the model's questions.

The Two Weeks Notice actor went viral for the awkward conversation, which left fans praising model Ashley for trying "hold up the conversation".

Fans weren't the only ones disappointed with the interview as Piers and Sharon Osbourne ripped into him for his short responses.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored, Sharon said: "I love Hugh Grant but he was out of order."

"Yeah, I do," she said when Piers asked if she really loved him. "I think he’s a great actor."

Piers Morgan
Piers slammed his acting after Hugh Grant's Oscars interview ( Talk TV/Youtube)

Piers wasn't having any of it and said: "A great actor? He plays the same role every time he does a movie!"

He added that Hugh plays the same "dimwitted" and "foppish" role in every movie.

After Piers interrupted her, Sharon added: "I will say the thing is if you don’t want to talk to the press, if you’re bored by it all, don’t do the red carpet. That’s the way it is."

Piers said that Hugh behaved like a "d***".

"He just treated Ashley Graham I felt with total disrespect," he said.

Hugh Grant
The Two Weeks Notice actor went viral for the awkward conversation with Ashley Graham ( Talk TV/Youtube)

"And he pretended like the job of somebody on the red carpet, if you’re an actor at the Oscars is not to talk to the media, or if you have to, look like you’re sucking lemons."

On the red carpet on Sunday, Ashley asked Hugh about his favourite thing at the Oscars, to which he responded: "Well, it's fascinating...the whole of humanity is here."

She continued the chat by asking what he was most excited to see at the ceremony but Hugh said he wasn't particularly looking forward to any award.

Attempting to get something out of the interview, she continued: "What are you wearing?"

Piers said that Hugh behaved like a "d***"
Piers said that Hugh behaved like a "d***" ( Talk TV/Youtube)

The Four Weddings and a Funeral actor simply said: "My suit."

In a last-ditch attempt, she asked about his brief role in Rian Johnson's thriller, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery: "What was it like to be in Glass Onion? How fun is it to shoot something like that?'

"Well I'm barely in it, I was in it for about three seconds," Grant quipped, shutting her down.

"It still must have been fun though, you had fun right?" Graham replied but once again the actor mustered up an uncomfortable response and said: "Erm... almost."

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