SEAL Team’s David Boreanaz sparks fan concern as he shares worrying announcement



“You inspire us, make us laugh, and light up our days with your posts of anything and everything,” they continued. “Though I understand being on the platform and status you have, it brings difficulties & if what’s best is for you to leave, then you gotta do what you need to. We’d miss you!!”

Fellow Instagram user @davidboreanazfan_ was in agreement as they replied to the clip: “Well said. I hope he stays. He’s a wonderful person.”

The concern and calls to stay were replicated on Twitter as well, with @peace_141984 pleading: “Stop David Boreanaz. He wants to leave Instagram. What can we do to make him stay?”

While @jaszy21 hit out: “I’d like to know the trolls harassing #davidboreanaz & who is in charge at #instagram for not appropriately addressing all the reports of fakes & harassment cuz DB has been on the cusp of leaving for a while & he’s our last source of info for #SEALTeam.” – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress