Stranger Things' Joseph Quinn defends co-star from trolls over show complaint



Joseph Quinn has defended his Stranger Things co-star after she was targeted by vicious internet trolls.

The actor - who played Eddie Munson on the Netflix show - has spoken out in support of his friend and co-star Grace Van Dien. She played cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham in the fourth season of the hit show, with there being little hints of a romance with Joseph's character Eddie before everything that happened in Vecna saw the end of their brief romance for good.

However, as a result of their on-screen connection, actress Grace has been subjected to some vile messages online.

Grace and Joseph as Chrissy and Eddie
Grace and Joseph as Chrissy and Eddie ( Netflix)

Speaking at Showmasters' London Comic Con, he said: "It's so awful. I was talking to her about it.

"The internet is a very unforgiving place. It's a place where people can show a lot of support, or where people can rally around hatred and misinformation. It's indicative of where we are culturally, just through association she was getting lambasted."

He added: "It's disgusting. I don't know what to say other than it sucks."

Joseph starred as Eddie Munson on the Netflix show
Joseph starred as Eddie Munson on the Netflix show ( Courtesy of Netflix)

Stranger Things ' creators had previously confirmed the show would be coming to an end after the fifth season, but they teased fans and said they could get a possible spin-off one day in the future.

Speaking to SFX magazine, Matt said: "We're going to feel like we still have a lot more gas left in the tank.

"But I think that it’s better to end there with us wanting more. That’s why ending at five felt like the right move. We haven’t told anyone about our plans! Not even Netflix! We have some ideas."

Joseph has defended his co-star
Joseph has defended his co-star ( Getty Images for Netflix)

Matt said he wouldn't rule out the potential of a spin-off if the story felt right.

"In terms of if we were to do any sort of a spin-off, or any continuation of Stranger Things, for us, the bar was always, ‘Is the idea exciting enough that we feel the pull of wanting to do it again?" he added.

"I want to feel the pull of, ‘God, I really want to do this. I feel really, really excited about this.’ So that’s why we’re being careful about what that is and whether we move forward with it or not."

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