Swarm fans stunned by Rory Culkin's steamy sex scenes in Amazon Prime's latest hit series



Fans of Amazon Prime's latest hit series Swarm were stunned by a very graphic scene involving Rory Culkin which left little to the imagination.

The actor, 33, certainly grabbed the attention of viewers with his full frontal show in a cameo appearance on the show.

Rory, who is the younger brother of Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin, showed up as a one night stand for Dominique Fishback's character, Dre, after the pair initially hit it off in a club.

But it was the scenes from the morning after which had fans gasping as Rory's naked character took his lover a bowl of strawberries with everything on show.

Stunned fans of the psychological horror series quickly took to social media to share their shock at what they'd just saw.

One Twitter user gasped: "Rory Culkin strawberry scene pls my eyes… This scene was so dirty and unnecessary."

Fans didn't expect to see Rory in Swarm
Fans didn't expect to see Rory in Swarm ( Amazon Prime Video)

Another added: "Now why did I have to see Rory Culkin’s d*** in swarm just now." [sic]

A third said: "No way they had Rory Culkin in this show just to show his cawk and dip?!" while a fourth commented: "watching swarm and that rory culkin strawberry scene was such a jumpscare." [sic]

And a fifth simply shared their shock by saying: "Rory Culkin is naked in this OMG."

Prior to his shocking scenes, Rory was best known for his appearance on Scream. Ever since, he has had a loyal following and many were shocked to find out about his latest cameo.

Fans were stunned by the scene
Fans were stunned by the scene ( Amazon Prime Video)

Some of his fans complained that his "amazing acting" will now be overshadowed by the racy scenes, with one user writing: "Rory Culkin going viral for a d*** scene in Swarm and not for his amazing acting in anything else makes me ill .."

They added: "I hate that THAT scene is what’s gonna introduce a lot of people to Rory … I hate the internet."

According to IndieWire, the plotline for the scene come from a real-life experience of co-creator Donald Glover.

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