The Repair Shop’s Suzie Fletcher opens up on heartbreaking scene she ‘couldn’t watch’



One moment from The Repair Shop in 2021 saw leather and saddles specialist Suzie Fletcher breaking down after making a touching discovery in one of her items which reminded her of her late husband. Sunday’s Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh saw Suzie are her co-star brother Steve Fletcher talking about their careers and the two of them opened up on the moment Suzie broke down and she admitted it took her “a long time” to watch the BBC scene.

Alan commented after the scene was played that he was also tearful.

“That brings a lump to my throat,” Steve explained as it showed him hugging his sister as she sobbed.

“It rather shows exactly what the Repair Shop does,” Alan remarked.

“It touches us at home, it touches you and it’s that rare thing that brings everybody together, showing skill coupled with emotion, coupled with caring for folk.”

Turning to Suzie, he continued: “I mean, really tough for you, that was.”

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“That was one of the sound guys holding up a boom mic, and he was streaming.”

In an episode which aired in 2021, Suzie unearthed a long-hidden element of the item, which was brought in by guest Julie Yates. Julie had informed her that she believed her late husband Paul had signed the wooden horse after fixing it up decades before and was hoping to see his name.

As she restored the wooden horse, Suzie took a breath as she prepared to remove the saddle.

She said: “Julie is fairly confident that Paul did sign under the saddle when they renovated back in the 1980s. I really, really hope it’s here.”

Sure enough, when Julie removed the material, a clear signature was visible.

It read: ‘Paul Yates, 6/12/87’. Upon seeing this, Julie immediately broke down in tears.

She explained: “I too, lost my husband to cancer. It seems so insignificant, someone’s name that they wrote.

“It’s so personal. I’m really pleased for Julie that it’s here – and really pleased for the children.”

Julie was unable to talk later as she was overcome with emotion, and Steve soon came over to comfort his sister.

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