The Rookie hints at the tragic death of beloved character in tense promo clip



ABC’s hit crime drama The Rookie is heading for a lengthy hiatus and producers haven’t made the wait for its return any easier after releasing a nail-biting trailer, teasing the death of one of the show’s beloved characters, sergeant Tim Bradford. 

A new promotional clip was posted on the show’s official Twitter account, giving fans a first look into the upcoming episode. 

Set to air on March 21, the episode appears to be another mockumentary-style instalment.

Alongside the promo clip, a caption read: “Aaron just said WHAT?!? You won’t want to miss a second when #TheRookie returns, March 21 on ABC and Stream on Hulu.”

One clip showed Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) and Lucy Chen ( Melissa O’Neil) during an interview about their undercover mission.

Tim then says: “As police officers, your future is never certain.”

As dramatic music began to play, the cameras cut to Wade Grey (Richard T. Jones) as he says: “Which made what happened next so tragic”.

A montage of clips plays, showing tense scenes, before showing Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) opening a trash can.

Aaron then radios to his team saying: “I just found a body. It’s Sergeant Tim Bradford.”

Fans were understandably in a panic at the thought of the much-loved character being found dead. 

One fan @livviechens wrote: OH MY F***ING GOD?!? Another @KateyKGecko echoed: “WHAT?!” followed by a GIF of a lady looking panicked.

@LadiiJessica21 agreed: “I can’t!!! This preview is the best and most stressful thing I have seen lol  (in regards to the promos)”

@RachelSL commented: “The anticipation is REAL!!! Thank you for dropping this preview. TONS to chew on for at LEAST one of the weeks in this 3-week wait!”

Despite most being worried about what lies in store for Officer Tim Bradford, not all were convinced it was the end for the character.

As one user @KingofBricks attempted to calm down his fellow fans by saying: “Guys I don’t think Tim is dead. 

“If you keep watching the promo you can see Tim talking during the interview with Lucy. In the last documentary episodes, the crew always interviews everyone after the case is closed. 

“So I think or hope it was the fake Tim (sorry Jake) or a different body in the dumpster.”

The drama sees John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) beginning a fresh start following a life-altering incident.

John is attempting to pursue his dream of becoming an LAPD officer. 

But as the force’s oldest rookie, he’s met with scepticism from those higher up the corporate ladder, who see him as just a walking midlife crisis. 

The Rookie has not been cancelled or renewed for a sixth season as of yet. 

The Rookie is streaming on NOW TV in the UK or Hulu in the US. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress