This Morning's Holly Willoughby says self-esteem is 'low' as she shares struggles



Holly Willoughby joked about having low self-esteem after dealing with some issues at home.

The This Morning presenter and her co-host Phillip Schofield chatted to Sonia Sodha and Nick Ferrari on Tuesday's episode.

They discussed research which suggested spending 30 minutes with dogs a week can make people more successful.

A study, done by pet care retailer Rover, discovered 88 percent of dog owners have seen a rise in self-esteem since getting a dog.

59 percent of people said they have higher confidence thanks to their dog.

Sonia said to the trio: "A pet is really good for your mental health. You know dogs are just the ultimate givers of unconditional love, aren't they? So yeah it is really good for you, who knew?"

Holly Willoughby
A study said dogs make people more successful ( ITV)

Presenter Holly replied: "I see it even with the kids. We got a dog but we weren't a dog family before.

"But even with the kids, even when they come home from school, whatever has been going on in their day and the moment they are with her you can just see it falling away and forgetting."

She continued: "However, Bailey does have an upset tummy at the moment and every morning I come down to the kitchen and there's a little present there for me. So my self-esteem is very low..."

Her co-stars giggled at her quip and she continued: "Just saying! So it can go the other way."

Phillip then joked that her rug has been taking 'a bit of a battering'.

Holly Willoughby
Holly joked about having 'low' self-esteem due to an issue with her dog (
Holly Willoughby
She previously shared pictures of her adorable pooch ( INSTAGRAM)

Since getting her dog Bailey, Holly has shared little updates of her life with the adorable pooch.

Last year, fans were over the moon after viewing a sweet video of her golden retriever waking up like 'Chewbacca'.

The mum-of-three took to Instagram to share a clip of Bailey stretching with her eight million followers, captioning the post: "Does anyone else's dog say Good Morning in the style of Chewbacca with a cold?"

The gorgeous pup could be heard making a noise similar to the Star Wars character as he stretched.

"Cutest! What a gorgeous dog," someone said, while another agreed: "Dogsare the absolute best. I love my morning welcome."

Lots of dog owners could relate to their pets making Chewbacca noises, with one person commenting: "Our goldie does exactly the same."

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