YouTube star Chunkz's cooking series 'gets the axe' amid ITV show cancellations



YouTube star Chunkz's cooking show, Bad Chefs, has reportedly been axed amid a string of ITV cancellations.

Bad Chefs is a reality cooking series which is hosted by fan-favourite Chunkz.

It features ten takeaway fans who take part in the Bad Chefs Cooking School in an attempt to swap easy takeaway foods for better home eating.

The series has called itself the "most chaotic cooking show ever".

In the series, Chunkz puts the contestants through multiple challenges, which has the amateur chefs learning how to cook and stay in the contest and win a prize.

However, it has been reported that the series has been cancelled as it hasn't brought in the ratings ITV had hoped it would.

Chunkz's TV show has reportedly been cancelled ( ITV)

Mirror have contacted ITV and Chunkz's representatives for comment.

It comes after doubt was cast over Jeremy Clarkson's future on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

ITV boss Carolyn McCall hinted the forthcoming season of the popular quiz show, which is now currently in production, may be Clarkson's final series as host as his contract to present the show is up.

Carolyn said they have a contract with the controversial TV star but that they have "no future commitments" to renew it.

In a later statement shared by ITV, following speculation Jeremy had been axed, a spokesperson added: "As we have said for several weeks, ITV is contractually committed to a further series of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (which has now been recorded.)

Jeremy Clarkson
Doubt has been cast over Jeremy's future as the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ( Stellify Media)

"There are no further commissioning commitments beyond that currently as is typical with such shows where we make commissioning decisions on a series by series basis."

They added: "Therefore for the avoidance of doubt neither Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? nor Jeremy Clarkson have been cancelled."

Following the reports, Jeremy tweeted: "So many kind messages about today’s reports. But relax. Lisa and I have not split up and I have not been sacked as host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."

It was also recently reported that the popular series, You've Been Framed, has been axed.

After hearing the news that You've Been Framed has reportedly been axed, former host Lisa Riley took to social media to share her sorrow.

The TV star shared a throwback photo during her time on the show and said: ”YOU’VE BEEN FRAMED.

"I woke up this morning to loads of messages informing me that after many many many years “YBF” is leaving ITV.

"It does make total sense this decision, as this format is now so readily available on streaming platforms."

It has also been said You've Been Framed has been axed
It has also been said You've Been Framed has been axed

Former host Lisa went on to praise the show as she typed: "Personally I wanted to say the biggest thank you to the show, for five glorious years, full of non stop, fun-laughter, and to the individual people who taught me so much, for this I’m eternally grateful," she continued.

"The best part of this job was the FANTASTIC crews I worked with year after year.

"This programme was a terrific learning ground for young adults wanting to make it in TV, and so many of them whom I had the joy of working with, have now gone on to fabulous entertainment programmes in various executive positions, not only in UK but around the world."

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