All Creatures Great and Small’s Nicholas Ralph on saying goodbye to co-star



During the latest series of All Creatures Great and Small, fans bid farewell to Tristan (played by Callum Woodhouse) who had been called out to fight in the war effort after volunteering. It was an emotional moment for the cast and viewers after Tristan gave an emotional goodbye speech where he paid a tribute to his brother Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West).

However, Callum’s exit from the Channel 5 series left a huge impact on the cast.

Speaking in a new interview, Nichola Ralph, who plays beloved vet James Herriot, opened up about saying goodbye to his “best mate”.

He shared: “It’s a quite seismic change in this little world of Skeldale House.

“James is losing his drinking partner, his buddy, his best mate, his brother, and losing him under the certain circumstances that he’s going to war.

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“That in itself is a very scary thing, so he’s worried about his mate, thinking will he see him again? and all that sort of stuff.

“And he’s proud of Tristan, that he’s taking it upon himself to get out from underneath Siegfried’s shadow.”

He added to Masterpiece: “So he’s uncertain, worried, and proud as well. It was absolutely a mixed bag of emotions.”

The actor who plays Tristan also discussed his goodbye speech, admitting he couldn’t read it all the way through without crying to himself.

“I remember saying to someone, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to be able to actually learn it’, because every time I’m trying to learn it, I end up just crying, and I have to go to the toilet to sort myself out,” Callum admitted.

“So I had a really hard time learning it because it just made me so emotional.”

When the scene was filmed, Callum explained he didn’t want the emotion to dictate the scenes.

He added: “I think because I’d spent so long getting emotional about it, it was maybe just all bubbling under the surface, which I think, I guess, made it more sincere.

Following the emotional Christmas special, fans have been eagerly waiting for an update on the upcoming series.

Last month, Samuel West excited his followers by sharing a snap from on-set.

The actor posted a photo of a clapperboard in view of his 101,000 Twitter followers, explaining they had started filming for series four.

He said: “I hope these rhymes are not a bore; Today we started Season Four. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress