Coronation Street’s Eileen Grimshaw issues warning to George after life-changing decision



Coronation Street’s Glenda Shuttleworth (played by Jodie Prenger) will be reunited with her old cruise ship co-star and friend Estelle (Ruthie Henshall) in upcoming scenes. However, official spoilers reveal that the barmaid could be set for an exit from Weatherfield as she takes on a new adventure, all thanks to the help of her brother George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley).

In upcoming scenes, Estelle tells Glenda that the Weatherfield franchise Little Big Shotz is up for grabs and she can have it for a cheaper price of £5,000.

Excited, Glenda tells George and Eileen that she has accepted Estelle’s offer of the franchise but needs help finding the £5,000.

Wanting to help his sister with her life goals, George explains to Eileen that he is planning on lending Glenda the money she needs for the franchise.

Sceptical of Estelle’s sudden arrival and keen sense to sell up, Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) is convinced it’s a scam and tells George he’ll live to regret it.

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Eileen reckons it’s doomed from the off and makes her feelings about Estelle clear.

Later in the community centre, Glenda psyches herself up for her first class, nervous that it won’t work out.

The first class turns out to be a booming success in the end, with George smiling over at his sister, pleased everything worked out.

Ruthie Henshall’s arrival into Weatherfield was announced last month, with the star saying that it was a “once-in-a-lifetime role” for her.

She explained: “This is one of the most enjoyable guest roles of my career.

“Everyone is so welcoming and I can’t believe after years of the street being in my life that I finally get to tread the cobbles.

“Estelle is delighted to find her old friend Glenda and share a show tune or two to remember times spent entertaining on board cruises.

“I am so excited and delighted to be on the street where so many brilliant actors strut, and have strutted their stuff.”

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