Corrie spoilers: Double death tragedy hits the cobbles amid Stephen's reign of terror



There will be a double death on Coronation Street next week as Stephen Reid's reign of terror continues.

Stephen has murdered two people already - Leo and his father Teddy Thompkins - and it looks like two more deaths will rock the cobbles next week. On the ITV soap, Stephen is glad that the Gazette are keen to cover the Nippersnapper deal, but he is dealt a blow when Rufus tells Stephen that he wants more than 25 per cent of the profits.

Instead, Rufus is adamant he needs 50 per cent, which leaves Stephen reeling. Stephen sends Michael away to take more designs to Sarah, but Rufus still finds him outside and offers him a job in London.

Rufus ends up dead next week
Rufus ends up dead next week

Forced to accept Rufus' demands, Stephen agrees to split it 50/50, but things get difficult when the Gazette arrives and all the focus is on Stephen. Annoyed, Michael heads out but when Stephen orders him back to work, Michael refuses as he will be meeting Rufus later in the pub for a drink and to discuss his new job - but there is no one there when he arrives.

Unable to secure the new job, Michael goes back to Stephen and begs for his job back, but he tells him it's too late and Nina is his new Head of Design. Elaine, meanwhile, notices Stephen's muddy shoes whilst Ronnie urges Michael to try and find Rufus and sort things with him in the hope of securing the job he really wants.

Michael and Ronnie head to the pub to try and find Rufus but are informed he's dead. The barman tells them body was found in the canal, leaving Michael absolutely shocked. Stephen, meanwhile, takes Michael back on as Junior Manager.

There's a new arrival of Roy next week
There's a new arrival of Roy next week ( ITV)

Elsewhere, a second death hits the cobbles next week when Melyvn passes away.

Melvyn and his dog, Freddie, head to the café to see Roy about his plans to visit a bat roosting site. Roy, later, returns to the café and tells Shona and Nina that Melvyn is in hospital and he has the dog as no one else can look after it.

Roy is struggling with Freddie, but the next day he confides in Evelyn that Melvyn has passed away and he's got to look after Freddie on a permanent basis. Roy thinks he should drop the dog to the shelter as that's what's best for the pooch but when Evelyn hears about his plan, she is horrified and it looks like Freddie will be here to stay.

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