EastEnders spoilers for next week: Deadly car crash horror and a 'changed' Ravi



EastEnders will air big scenes for several characters next week, including a plot that could tear one family apart.

There's a horror car crash in next week's episodes which leaves two Walford residents injured, and one of whom is left fighting for their life.

The crash also exposes an affair of sorts in the process, possibly leaving two sisters at war.

There's also new scenes for villain Ravi Gulati, who finds himself possibly going back on his own plan as things heat up between him and Chelsea Fox.

Here are the biggest moments of next week on the BBC soap, as heartache heads to Walford...

Ravi Gulati will be changed
Ravi Gulati will be changed ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Ravi 'changes'

Ravi Gulati will be changed by Chelsea Fox on EastEnders, as their romance heats up.

Actor Aaron Thiara, who plays the Walford bad boy on the BBC One soap, has revealed things will change for Ravi as he gets closer to Chelsea and starts to open up to her about his family life.

Ravi has his own motive and plans but things soon take a turn when he ends up getting closer to Chelsea. As she asks him about trust and says he needs to be more open with her, he is taken aback by her request but soon finds him following in her wish.

Aaron said: "Ravi is very attracted to Chelsea but he is still driven by his motive and his plans. He turns Chelsea’s questioning back on her when she starts to doubt him by saying that she needs to trust him if they’re going to go official.

"He’s using what he knows she probably wants deep down against her. There is a big turning point when Chelsea insists that she wants to know the real Ravi. It really throws him that she wants to know the deeper Ravi, and not just the surface level Ravi."

Ravi manages to open up to Chelsea about his son, and the pair soon start to "bond and connect".

He added: "He’s never had that from a woman before. Because of this, Ravi feels comfortable to open up a little bit more and talk about his son and where he’s gone wrong in the past and how important Nugget is to him.

"Chelsea shares the same experiences and they start to bond and connect. At this point his plans start to go out of the window and we see him in a turmoil of love, connection, motive and plan."

Car crash horror

EastEnders viewers will see lives on the line next week
EastEnders viewers will see lives on the line next week ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders viewers will see lives on the line next week, as spoilers confirm a devastating car crash.

The BBC soap airs worrying scenes as two characters crash into a building and are rushed to hospital.

Kim Fox offers to take her stepson Denzel for a ride in her brand new car, which she receives at an awards show as an award for ‘Influencer of the Moment’.

Howie is angry at his son Denzel for throwing a party, but Kim is so thrilled with her win she takes him out only to crash the car.

Kim loses control of the vehicle and crashes into the Argee Bhajee, judging by new spoiler pictures.

As the emergency services rush to the scene, Kim is shaken as she wakes up to find an unconscious Denzel beside her.

With neighbour Mitch Baker calling for an ambulance, Kim tries to wake her stepson up while she herself is trapped in the wreckage.

As the services arrive, she is freed from the car but an injured and unconscious Denzel is still trapped inside.

Eventually he is rescued and taken to hospital with Kim, and his worried loved ones soon race to be with him.

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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