Emmerdale fans work out how Billy Fletcher will be exposed for Alex's hit-and-run



Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans reckon they have worked out how Billy Fletcher will be exposed as being responsible for Alex’s hit-and-run after noticing a tiny background detail.

Billy confessed to his crime moments before Alex was seen flickering opening his eyes in his hospital bed in tonight’s bombshell episode.

In shock scenes, Billy owned up to crashing into Alex after he saw vicar Charles Anderson escorted into a police car for questioning over the hit-and-run.

Whilst viewers know Billy was the one who left Alex for dead, everyone else, excluding Dawn, is none the wiser.

Charles was interviewed again in tonight’s instalment of the ITV soap, even losing his temper in the police questioning as he struggled with what's going on.

When he was finally released, he returned to the church and prayed on what he could do next, just as Billy arrived.

Alex was left for dead after the hit-and-run

Sitting alongside Charles, Billy confessed to him what he did and prepared to head to the police to share all about what happened that early evening on the country road.

Charles convinced him not to go, telling him that what happens next is in god’s hands as the police don’t have any concrete evidence against him – despite Charles being the main suspect after the pair had a huge physical fight when the vicar learned of Alex's true motive in getting close to Charles' daughter Naomi and stealing drugs from the surgery.

Moments later, right at the end of tonight's episode, fans were stunned to see Alex flicker his eyes open in his hospital bed while still hooked up to his life support.

But fans noticed that a curtain in the church was moving, leading them to think that someone was listening in to Billy and Charles' intimate confession conversation.

Taking to Twitter, one observant viewer wrote: "The curtain in the church is moving."

Fans noticed that a curtain in the church was moving, leading them to think that someone was listening in ( ITV)

Another person wrote: "Nobody will know Charles about you and Billy lying other than the character who probably was hiding in the church and heard all of that convo #Emmerdale."

Another said: "Someone’s behind the curtain."

While a fourth asked: "Who’s behind the curtain?"

Other fans took to Twitter to pen other theories on how the storyline will play out.

One theorised: “Alex won’t be able to remember who hit him he was on the phone and looking a different way to the car. Unless he tries to frame Billy there won’t be any evidence anyway unless Billy’s conscious gets the best of him.”

Another said: “Hmmmm I thought Charles was going to suggest that Billy be his alibi.”

A third guessed: “It wouldn't surprise me if Alex has amnesia.”

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7.30pm.

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