Emmerdale fans 'work out' who's watching Leyla in stalker horror ahead of Caleb twist



Emmerdale fans believe they have sussed out who is following and watching Leyla Harding in creepy scenes.

This week, fans have seen a mystery hooded figure watching the character from afar, and peering into her home through a window.

Ahead of the culprit being apprehended by Leyla's new love interest Caleb Miligan on Thursday night, fans think they know exactly who is targeting her.

Some even suggested they could be linked to Caleb in a huge twist, ahead of the newcomer's secret finally being exposed.

Recent scenes saw Leyla kidnapped by her drug dealer Callum, after she had him arrested for dealing - as revenge for him stabbing her son Jacob Gallagher.

Callum tried to kill Leyla and held Jacob and Suzy hostage too, before being arrested by armed police.

Emmerdale fans believe they have sussed out who is following and watching Leyla Harding
Emmerdale fans believe they have sussed out who is following and watching Leyla Harding ( ITV)

Just when Leyla thought her ordeal was over though, she learned this week that the villain had been released on bail.

Leyla has been panicked knowing the dangerous thug is back out, and now someone is following her.

Ahead of their identity being exposed, fans shared their theories on who could be following the character - with several fans convinced they had cracked the case.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: "I think it's Callum that's stalking Leyla, and I've a feeling that Caleb is the main man in all this drug running business, he confronts Callum because he could blow his cover.. My imagination is in overdrive."

Another viewer agreed: "Isn't it that callam bloke the drug dealer," as a third said: "Calum watching her."

A fourth fan tweeted: "Callum's back grrrrrrr!" while a fifth predicted of Caleb: "Hes the drugs boss!"

Emmerdale fans saw one character leave the soap on Thursday night
Callum tried to kill Leyla ( ITV)

Viewers will find out who is following Leyla in the next episode, when he or she is caught out by Caleb - but what will Caleb do?

Meanwhile, Emmerdale confirmed this week that Caleb's secret will be revealed by the end of the week.

Either Thursday night or Friday night's episodes will see fans finally find out what has brought him to the village, just over three months on from his debut.

Whether he really is Caleb and really is the brother of Cain and Chas, or if he is harbouring a secret identity, will all come out in a major twist not to be missed.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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