GMB's Adil Ray forced to apologise after getting guest's name wrong in awkward blunder



Adil Ray was forced to apologise live on Good Morning Britain today after making an awkward blunder.

The TV presenter was joined by Kate Garraway for today's show, where they interviewed a number of guests about a variety of topics. However, as Adil and Kate spoke to Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey, he made an awkward error as Kate stepped in.

Mr Davey was on the show to discuss burglaries and how Lib Dem figures revealed that over 120 burglaries a day last year weren't attended to by police. They are calling for all victims of domestic burglaries to be visited by police.

Kate called Adil out over his mistake
Kate called Adil out over his mistake ( ITV)

However, as they discussed the call from Lib Dems, Adil went to quiz Mr Davey on something and ended up calling him the name of another guest, who was instead sat in the studio. Adil quickly apologised for calling him Ed Vaizey not Ed Davey.

Fellow host Kate Garraway immediately jumped in and pointed out her co-star's error, as she told him: "You called him Ed Vaizey not Ed Davey," as Adil immediately apologised and they all laughed off the mistake.

Mr Davey took the blunder graciously though and said he was regularly mistaken for Mr Vaizey and said he was disappointed to not see Mr Vaizey in the House of Commons still, despite the pair sitting on different sides of the house.

It's not the first time Adil and Kate have called out each other's errors.

Adil made the error today
Adil made the error today ( ITV)

Last year, Kate mistook the name Simon Callow for Simon Cowell.

She said: "Still ahead on Good Morning Britain, you'll like this Richard, Anything Goes. It's snatched box office records in London and now it's off on tour. It's got Four Weddings legend Simon Cowell and Wicked star Kerry Ellis and they're both joining us later."

"Simon Cowell?" Adil quickly questioned, as Kate enunciated strongly, adding: "Callow! Did I say Cowell?"

Adil then shared: "I don't know, I heard Cowell," as Kate insisted she meant Callow and not Cowell.

"It would be good to see Simon Cowell in a musical," Adil joked, as Kate quickly insisted she hadn't made the error. "I didn't, apparently I didn't. But anyway, let's get the news, travel and weather where you are," she said.

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