GMB's Adil Ray subjected to racist tweets after Suella Braverman's 'disgusting' comments



Adil Ray has opened up about the horrifying and disgusting racism he has faced in social media after Suella Braverman's comments.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has called out the horrific abuse he has felt online after the Home Secretary made comments about British Pakistani men on Sky last weekend. During her conversation, she spoke about the government's approach to protecting children from sexual abuse when she singled out British Pakistani men.

Adil - whose mother is Kenyan and father is Pakistani - said he has been subjected to horrifying messages on social media since Ms Braverman's interview, and slammed the "disgusting" comments she made.

Adil discussed the vile racism he's been subjected to
Adil discussed the vile racism he's been subjected to ( ITV)

Speaking on Sky over the weekend, she said: "What we’ve seen is a practice whereby vulnerable white English girls - sometimes in care, sometimes who are in challenging circumstances - being pursued and raped and drugged and harmed by gangs of British Pakistani men who’ve worked in child abuse rings or networks.

"We’ve seen institutions and state agencies, whether it’s social workers, teachers, the police, turn a blind eye to these signs of abuse out of political correctness, out of fear of being called racist, out of fear of being called bigoted."

Hosting Good Morning Britain today, Adil explained he had been subjected to "nothing but racism" since.

"We heard comments about the community that I belong to, the British Pakistani community. There is something really, I think, that needs to be really looked at in this country right now, that we are divided," he said.

Adil spoke about Suella Braverman's comments
Adil spoke about Suella Braverman's comments ( ITV)

"I have suffered, since last Sunday, since Suella Braverman going onto breakfast television and labelling British Pakistani men – with no caveats, no kindness, no compassion – simply labelling British Pakistani men, have an issue when it comes to English white girls. I have suffered nothing but racism for the last seven days."

Kate Garraway said the comments were "unsettling and unheard of".

Adil then added: "It’s really bad. This morning, and now I’ve got Hindu Indian nationalists at this time in the morning messaging me, because they’ve caught up onto this. Because they see a British Indian woman backing this and think, 'Yes, she’s right. There is a problem with Muslims. There is a problem with Pakistanis.' It is disgusting."

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