Gogglebox fans fume as Abbie and Georgia struggle with the title of very famous book



Gogglebox viewers were lost for words when Abbie and Georgia tried to remember the name of a Charles Dickens book.

On Friday's episode of the Channel 4 series, the stars sat down in their living rooms to watch the week's latest shows and updates.

At one point, they were made to watch the BBC's mini-series, Great Expectations, based on one of Dickens' hit novels.

While watching an episode, Durham-based members Abbie and Georgia tried to decipher who the novelist is.

Abbie said: "Do you know who Charles Dickens is?" to which Georgia responded: "Do I, hell?"

"I'm sure he writes a book called Twit and Tw*t," Abbie continued. "... Or Twit and Tw*t... Twit and Twig or something."

What was the name of the Charles Dickens book again?

Georgia laughed before adding: "What books have you been reading?"

Fans were gobsmacked at the duo's confusion and took to social media to question how they don't know who Charles Dickens is.

"Even I know who charles Dickens is," one user said.

Another confused user questioned: "Why are they all acting as if they have zero clue about Great Expectations ? They must know the story!! They must have heard of it!"

"Imagine never having heard of Charles Dickens," one posted.

One viewer commented: "Oh f**k off these NE girls playing super dumb pretending they haven’t heard of Dickens."

"I can't cope," another said while one fan wrote: "Charles Dickens, author of Twit and Twat. ffs."

Great Expectations
Viewers were lost for words as they watched Great Expectations ( BBC/FX Networks/Miya Mizuno)

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers complained about the amount of reality television shows being aired.

Viewers were shown clips from reality shows Rise And Fall, Married At First Sight Australia and Tempting Fortune.

The number of reality shows disappointed fans, who took to social media to share their complaints.

One fan wrote: "Don't they show soaps or drama any more? All reality shows tonight bit boring."

Another said: "#Gogglebox focusing too much on reality TV nowadays."

"Why is it that on #Gogglebox they watch about 95% reality TV rubbish now?!" one questioned.

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