Humphrey Goodman to make surprise visit to Saint Marie for Beyond Paradise finale



After looking into Archie’s financial records, Humphrey learned more about Archie than he had anticipated, something he never expected.

Elsewhere, Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) had some thinking to do after her chat with Archie at Ten Mile Kitchen.

After opening up to Humphrey, she told him she could no longer marry him as she was unable to live with the fact she could not give him the child he so desperately wanted.

A teaser for the finale shows Humphrey saying how he may return to the Met in London as he can no longer face seeing Martha.

Could their split be the reason as to why he makes a return to Saint Marie during the finale?

The Beyond Paradise series finale will air on BBC One and iPlayer next Friday 7th April at 8pm. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress