Magic 29p ingredient melts away brown toilet limescale with 'no scrubbing'



If you're struggling with limescale stains and you're sick of trying to scrub them to no avail, Mrs Hinch fans have come up with the perfect solution for you - and it costs just 29p

Nobody wants a toilet with limescale in it, and Mrs Hinch fans came to the rescue

Unsightly limescale is the last thing you want your visitors to see when they pop around to yours for a cuppa and a catch-up when they use your loo. But it can be really tricky to remove, oftentimes leaving you red in the face from scrubbing, without managing to remove the murky brown stains.

Limescale, which can form as a result of hard water, can build up to form a rusty stain, and can also hinder the movement of water in pipes and household appliances. The toilet often sees the most staining as it is used a lot, and constantly contains still water, which is the perfect environment for limescale to thrive.

Mrs Hinch fans have suggested a natural method (


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A stressed woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group to ask cleaning gurus how they cleaned their toilets and got rid of limescale once and for all.

She wrote: "How do I get this off the toilet? I've tried limescale remover, bleach, and 2p coin."

Group members were keen to share their top tips with her, with one professional cleaner suggesting there was a kitchen-staple method that she could try.

She wrote: "Take the water out and fill it with white vinegar. Leave for a few hours, then it wipes off."

The post was accompanied by a before and after photo, where the toilet looked gross initially - and then sparkling afterwards.

Another said: "Drain water, add a litre of white vinegar, and leave overnight. Honestly, this is amazing as it makes the limescale vanish", and someone else agreed: "rain as much water as you can. Then put two bottles of white vinegar and leave overnight. The vinegar helps it all just lift off."

White vinegar can be purchased from some supermarkets for as little as 29p.

Have you ever tried this method? Let us know in the comments.

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