Power Ghost’s Noma star admits she ‘apologised’ to co-stars over brutal season 3 scenes



Power Book II’s newcomer Caroline Chikezie has definitely made her presence known after her brutal introduction to fans in season three’s opening scene. By now, fans will know Chikezie’s character, Noma, isn’t one to be messed with, but off-screen the actress told Express.co.uk she is a completely different person. 

The highly-anticipated season three of Power Book II returned to screens last month, bringing fans more violence and drama with the help of Caroline Chikezie’s character Noma. 

Season three’s opening scene ended with Noma chopping off a woman’s hand to retrieve a 4.5Karat blue diamond ring that once belonged to her fiance Mecca (Daniel Sunjata) before he was killed. 

But Noma was only giving fans a taste of what was yet to come, as later on in the episode she rolls up on Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), Brayden (Gianni Paolo), and Cane (Woody McClain) at Mecca’s penthouse. 

Where she was seen demanding that Tariq and his gang needed to start pushing drugs for her, and as a warning to make sure they follow her commands she executes one of their associates in cold blood. 

Despite her violent onscreen antics, Chikezie insists she has a completely different relationship with her fellow Power Book II co-stars off-screen. 

She told Express.co.uk: “First of all, I love Michael Rainey, Gianni, Woody, Alex and LaToya. All of them are so amazing.” 

As she admitted: “I felt so bad because obviously, I get in their faces, and I’m always threatening them. And honestly, in between each take I go around and I’m like ‘So I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.’

“But they are so lovely and supportive. And they’re like, ‘do what you got to do not worry’, which is so nice because you kind of do need permission because it’s very confronting”.  

Although during the series Noma isn’t Tariq and Braydon’s number one fan, the actors’ personal relationships seem to be the opposite, as the actress wasn’t shy to shower her co-stars with praise 

“You know, six am in the morning, sometimes you’re in someone’s face, you know It’s a lot. 

“But they are the most warm, kind, and supportive cast that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, to be honest,” she concluded. 

Chikezie also teased what’s yet to come for her character and her new business partners in the series, saying: “It gets ugly, dark, you name it. Yeah, it gets really, really bad like the viewers are in for a treat. If they like conflict. There’s a lot.”

Michael Rainey Jr was also quick to comment on Noma’s “crazy” ways in an interview with Express.co.uk. 

When asked about his new co-star, Rainey Jr explained: “Noma? Oh, she’s coming in super hot. She’s coming in crazy”.

And even Chikezie herself couldn’t disagree with Rainey Jr after she was asked if Noma’s violent acts were justified. 

She told Express.co.uk: “I will say that, yeah, in her mind, to her, she thinks she’s doing exactly what needs to be done. She doesn’t have that feeling that she’s being unreasonable or anything like that. “

Before adding: “And in Noma’s defence she does have a big heart. She’s not as cold-hearted as everyone would believe, but it’s only for her loved ones. 

“If you can survive Noma, you know, get under her skin and make her like you, she likes you.”

“So yeah, she is a bit of a hothead crazy one though. Yes, she doesn’t like to be disrespected and if she thinks you’re disrespecting her, she’s gonna take you out. So Michael, what he said, stands.”

The third season of Power Book II: Ghost airs every Friday on Lionsgate+ and STARZ in the UK.

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