Race Across the World behind the scenes: Former winner shares secrets from BBC series



No technology

Race Across the World contestants aren’t allowed to use their mobile phones or modern technology to help them on their journey.

“You get used to it, to be honest with you. It’s almost taking you back to basics, asking people for directions, asking people where things are and it was invigorating. The first week I was like, ‘Where’s my phone?’ but after that I forgot about it.”

Adding it was something he’d carried from the show into his life: “Everyday when I get home from work, I put my phone in a box and it stays in that box until the next day. If anyone wants to contact me, they can ring my house phone.”


With the teams trying to hit each of their checkpoints on time, sleep is often relegated.

Emon said: “We had to learning to sleep whilst driving like on the buses. We had to learn because we did a lot of overnight buses to save on our accommodation, so our sleep was out of the window.”

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